First things first, we exist to exalt Jesus Christ, to equip and edify those who believe in Him, and to evangelise the world. Our church was built on these principles. Some things haven’t changed since 1984.

To better understand our focus of this year – Going Back to the Basics – we’ll have to do just that. We have to go back to the founding principles of the church.

Our mission is to exalt Jesus, edify and equip believers, extend help to our community, and evangelise.

How can we expect believers to minister to their community when they have unmet needs? We exist to minister to them.

How can believers learn to minister? We disciple them. We teach them. We provide opportunities to serve in church.

What, then, shall we make of our disciples? They themselves should disciple others.

“Every believer is uniquely gifted and individually called. You’re not here on Sunday just to hear me speak, you’re here to grow and serve. Every member is a minister.”

Pastor Hii Lu Kuoh

As we strive toward maturity, our vision is that our church become a cell-based, mission-focused, multi-congregational church that is warm, strong in worship, and equipped to minister and reach others with the love of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.

You’ll see this vision in the structure of our church. We are made up of life groups, focus on reaching out to the people around us, and serve people of all cultures and languages.

We love our people. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of welcoming people of all walks of life through our doors. Rich or poor, Malaysian or immigrant, Iban or Torajan or Chinese or Indian – we meet them where they are and walk with them.