Calvary Charismatic Centre – Miri is a daughter church of Victory Family Centre (previously known as Calvary Charismatic Centre).

The church was planted in 1984 by a Gideonite team led by Dr. Tony See and Pastor Richard Martin from Calvary Charismatic Centre, Singapore. We started, first, with an English-speaking congregation in 1985, followed by a Chinese-speaking congregation in 1988, then, a Malay-speaking congregation in 1991.

In 2005, we started our first Iban service in the growing area of Tudan and, in 2015, we started another work in Taman Tunku. We have also grown past Miri’s borders with outreaches in Bintulu, Marudi, and Sibu.

We’ve been blessed with many pastors over the years. Pastor Hii Lu Kuoh, our current senior pastor, has been leading the church since 2001.

The façade of the church has changed over the past 32 years. Over time, our people have changed, too.

However, the heart of the church remains the same. We are passionate for the people of Sarawak. We long to see Sarawak saved. We long for the day Sarawak moves from “developing” to “developed” with her own people at the forefront.

We are excited to see what God will do next in our church, through our church.