Back to Basics

Pray and Read the Bible Daily

Christianity isn’t restricted to Sunday. We can find meaning in our everyday lives. We believe that our God is a living, speaking God we have the privilege of approaching daily.

Lead Someone to Christ

We were called to be “fishers of men” rather than fishermen. You may not be called to be a pastor but you are called to be a light wherever you serve. Be excellent, glorify God, and draw people to Him.

Disciple One Person

Discipleship is crucial in Christian growth. If you are a mature believer, you must know that Christ’s directive is “to make disciples of all nations”. Not just believers, disciples. The body of Christ must mature. Will you be involved?

Give Faithfully

The Bible tells us to bring “the whole tithe to the storehouse”.

We believe that it is vital for the believer to tithe because it is what the Word teaches. And we believe in God’s promises. He says, “Test me in this, if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour outfor you a blessing until it overflows.” Malachi 3:10 (NIV) 

Build Your Local Church

Belonging to a community of believers is crucial to Christian growth. We were not called to walk in isolation. By being surrounded by fellow believers, you build yourself: allowing yourself to be accountable and grow in your journey. By committing yourself, you build the local body of believers. By building the local body of believers, you build capacity for the work of God.

Calvary Charismatic Miri

If you’re new to Miri or eager to learn about Christ, Calvary Charismatic Centre could be your local church.

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