Enriching marriage

Couples should be prepared and empowered for the road ahead of them as husband and wife. At Calvary Miri, we offer pre-marital/marriage counselling using materials from the Prepare/Enrich Marriage program. These counselling sessions facilitate exploration and objective assessment of relationships, allowing couples to identify growth areas.

Parenting with Confidence

Learn to raise your children with confidence at Calvary Miri. We understand the struggles parents may face in raising their children. Our workshops aim to help parents understand their parenting style and their child’s personality, apply discipline strategies and techniques, and relate to their child. These sessions are customised based on the age of your child – equipping you to face the challenges each phase of life presents. 

No Apologies

Being a teenager is hard. As they develop an approach to life and love, they find themselves having to make difficult decisions. To support teenagers in this critical stage, we organise and facilitate workshops for the No Apologies curriculum. No Apologies workshops help inform the decisions teenagers may make regarding high-risk behaviours and help them form a decision-making framework that will, hopefully, help them make decisions they won’t regret in future.