Listen! The famine is over!

Are you under siege? Are you living in famine? Are you are running short, pressurised from every side. Nothing seems to work ! You don’t feel that you have the strength, or the capacity to hang on and pull through your circumstances! Everything seems to be stack up against you! But hold on, don’t give up. There is hope for you! 

In this story in 2 Kings chapter 7, the people of God was completely defeated, besieged, locked in, walled up in fear, running short of food. Some will die soon. There is no hope. But suddenly the prophet of God, Elisha burst on the scene, declaring  that deliverance is coming. Help is nearly here! By tomorrow, the famine will be over, declares the Lord! Therefore, be strengthened! Be encouraged! The Lord’s help is near. Keep believing and don’t give up. By faith, all things are possible!

“Elisha said, “Listen! GOD ’s word! The famine’s over. This time tomorrow food will be plentiful—a handful of meal for a shekel; two handfuls of grain for a shekel. The market at the city gate will be buzzing.”         2 Kings 7:1 MSG

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